Solarigraphy Meeting:
Between Science, Art, and Education
Prague, Czech Rebublic
May/June 2021

Following the health crisis (COVID-19) we are currently facing, our meeting is postponed and will be rescheduled in 2021.
In 2020 there will be 20 years from the beginning of the Solarigraphy project (Solaris 2000) by Sławomir Decyk, Paweł Kula, and Diego López Calvín. It is time to look back to evaluate achievements as well as to look into the future. We would like to invite solarigraphers with any level of experience, teachers, scientists, and all interested people to paticipate in the meeting “Solarigraphy: Between Science, Art, and Education”. The aim is to discuss all aspects of the solarigraphy: from its roots in conceptual art and astronomy, through photographic chemical processes, different techniques, and camera types to legal aspects of the solarigraphy and the use of the solarigraphy in education and public outreach. Also, we plan to organize the participants' collective exhibition and solarigraphy workshop for the general public. We hope that the meeting will be a place for exchange knowledge and ideas between participants and will become a milestone in the history of the Solarigraphy project. More details will be published in the next future.
Planetarium Praha, Královská obora 233, Praha 7, 170 21


Invited speakers:

Diego López Calvín (Spain)
The founder of the solarigraphy. Graduated in Information Sciences, Complutense University of Madrid. 1991. Free lance photographer and camera operator working for Cinema and TV producers. His personal work is related to experimental photography where he combines photosensitive emulsions, pinhole cameras, long exposures, video and internet. Actually they are running different projects related to the study of the paths of the sun.

Paweł Kula (Poland)
The founder of the solarigraphy. Lecturer in the Academy of Art in Szczecin (Poland). Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań (now the University of the Arts) in 2004. He is interested in photographic process errors, found images that cannot be fixed and non-camera techniques. He often uses natural photosensitivity: afterimages, phosphorescence phenomenon. Uses unusual photosensitive materials: plants, phosphors, own skin. He creates unusual, sometimes primitive devices for image recording and projection.

Sławomir Decyk (Poland)
The founder of the solarigraphy. Professor in the University of the Arts Poznań (Poland). Lives and works in Poznań. Since 2002, he has been an employee of the UAP Department of Photography. He deals with the broadly understood medium of photography, installation and video. His creative activities are characterized by: research on border areas of photography (in particular those referred to as post-media), search for new means of expression and tools to exceed his own imagination. He took part in over 50 exhibitions in Poland and abroad, among others in: China, Australia, Canada, Germany, Slovakia and Spain.

Planned sessions and topics:
solarigraphy and astronomy
solarigraphy as an art
far edge of solarigraphy
history of solarigraphy, relation to photography and painting
solarigraphy technique: camera construction, materials, fixing, mounting, paper properties, etc.
solarigraphy in education
the future of solarigraphy
solarigraphy adventures/experiences/stories

Organizing committee:
Martina Exnerová
Łukasz Fajfrowski
Artem Koval
Hana Kučaková
Galina Motorina
Maciej Zapiór
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