Maciej Zapiór. Astronomer, photographer and filmmaker, solargrapher. Works in the Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic in Ondřejov. Involved in solargraphy since 2005. Inventor of the project and sequence of expositions designer. Mechanic system camera designer. More info in Bio section.
Contact: solargraphy /at/ maciejzapior /dot/ com
Łukasz Fajfrowski. Physicist, programmer (mainly LabView), amateur astronomer and juggler.
He works at International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures.
Involved in solargraphy since 2013. Inventor of automating of project, electronic designer, the author of the shutter control algorithm and implementer of project.

We would like to thank several people for their help in the project.
They are in alphabetical order:
Michał Bereza
Andrzej Krawczyk
Michał Maniewski
Piotr Modzel
Karol Selwesiuk

In particular we would like to thank Tomasz Lubin for multiple upload the code to our microcontroller and rewrite the code for the application program to the correct version of the asembler.

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