Solarigraphs from Spitsbergen made by other authors

SSŚ: Spitsbergen Solargraphy Światowid Multi-Camera Project.

This projest was devoted to record 360 degree panorama view of solar trails in the Polish Polar Station in Spitsbergen (77N), far beyond the Arctic circle. The idea was born during conversation of Maciej Zapiór and Marek Jasiński. 10 solargraphy cameras were placed as follows: 4 cameras in horizontal setup looking East, West, North and South, 4 cameras in vertical setup looking East, West, North and South also, 1 camera installed parallel to Earth rotation axis and 1 camera looking to the zenith. 9 cameras gave succesful images. Two other cameras were placed beside the SSŚ system.

Due to technical problems the system was not pointed directly along N-S axis (it was tilted about 30 degrees to the East), so all solargraphs has this offset and the solar trails are not perfectly stituated as expected. Two last solargraphs in the gallery are placed beside the SSŚ system, as mentioned, so they are not affected by the inclination problem, which is clearly visible in 'Werenhus 1' picture pointed nearly towards the South. The effective exposition time was from polar sunrise in mid February to summer solstice 2014.

As you can see in the solargraph pointed North in vertical setup (the second row, second column), the Sun didn't set below the horizon during a polar day. The Sun was covered by the mountins, only. In the 'Werenhus 1' (the last row, second column) image you can see that during a winter time the Solar trails are very low. Unfortunately it wasn't possible to record very low Sun, close to the horizon, just after the end of a polar night, because of a cloudiness.

Note that the project proceeded in very extreme temperature conditions. Vey low temperature changed the properties of the photosensitive paper. On the solargraphs you can see black dots which don't appear on solargraphs taken in temperatures above the freezing point.

The name of the project "Światowid" (Svetovid) refers to the ancient Slavic god with four heads looking right, left, forward and back. The name itself means "the one who sees the world".

Project executive staff:  Daniel Kępski, Łukasz Mazurkiewicz, Łukasz Fajfrowski, Piotr Modzel and Maciej Zapiór. 
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