Solargraphy is a photographic technique, which combines pinhole photography with the innovative use of the black-and-white photosensitive paper.

Solarygrafia / Solargraphy

The article about solargraphy [español] in La revista del Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (page 48) by Maciej.

The interview with Maciej [česky|english subtitles] about the solargraphy for Pozor vlak.

The movie titled Solargraphy [english|español] made by Maciej Zapiór and Gaizka Taro explaining the basics of the solargraphy: 

The article Solarygrafia - klamra czasu [polski] by Maciej Zapiór about the solargraphy. 

Other sources about solargraphy:
Diego López Calvín's solarigrafía [español|english]
Tarja Trygg's solargraphy [english]
Polish solargraphy forum [polski]
Wikipedia - Solarygrafia [polski] 

Analema / Analemma

The footage of Polish TVP 3 Opole [polish] from exhibition in Brzeg, Poland. 
The article in El Español [español] desribing solargraphy analemma project with Diego López Calvín. 

The interview in TVN24 [polski] about the solargraphy analemma with Maciej Zapiór and Łukasz Fajfrowski. 

The article Analema - słoneczna ósemka [polski] by Łukasz Fajfrowski and Maciej Zapiór

Other sources about the analemma:
Detailed description of the analemma [english]
Brief description in the Astronomy Picture of the Day [english]
Wikipedia - Analema [polski] 
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