1. History
Science-art connections
Pre-solargraphy (AMU, T.Trygg)
History of solargraphy (D.L.Calvin, P.Kula, S.Decyk)

2. How to/know how
Spherical astronomy (M.Zapiór)
Different types of cameras (M.Jasinski, L.Fajfrowski)
Materials (M.Jasinski, K.Kleszcz)
Scanners (D.L.Calvin)

3. Misc
Colors on b/w paper (p.Pivo)
Legal aspects of solargraphy (J.Janas)
The name (M.Pravdova)
Production of aluminium baverage can (Plzen)

4. Solargraphy projects
Analemma (M.Zapior, L.Fajfrowski)

5. Future of solargraphy
Limits of solagraphy
Over the limits

6. Camera installations in the observatory
Kreator www - przetestuj za darmo